WAX Blockchain Leaves Green Footprint with Carbon-Neutral NFT Marketplace

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WAX smashes competitors with low energy trades and carbon offsets

Last Updated: June 9, 2021 1 minute read

WAX Blockchain Boasts Impressive Ecological Credentials

Cryptocurrency and blockchain are highly cursed for their heavy carbon footprints. Many environmental activists have taken to opposing blockchain technology, as some blockchains have detrimental effects on the environment that cannot be ignored. However, not all blockchains require high energy to operate. Take, for instance, the WAX blockchain. It was created keeping in mind the critical component of the environment and as a result the WAX vIRLĀ® NFTs could even lead to the improvement in the health of our ecological balance.

The positive environmental impact of WAX makes it a wonderful product. Not only is this blockchain less polluting than its counterparts but it has also gone an extra mile to reduce the harmful impact of others on the environment through carbon offsets. According to the estimate, WAX has offset more than 211 tons of harmful CO2 from the environment as of May 21, 2021.

In handling trading, buying, and selling these digital assets, prospective NFT holders should consider the network’s environmental impact. The choice of the blockchain on which NFTs are minted must be made in the most careful manner to ensure they will not pollute our environment.

WAX is the most preferred choice as it works on 125,000 times less energy than its competitors. Putting things into perspective, this much energy will be translated into carbon footprints of 111 tons/year. Data reveals that the average carbon footprint of a person in the US is 20 tons/year, and by that logic, the total carbon footprint of WAX blockchain is about only 5.5 Americans/year. By comparison, WAX’s nearest competitor uses about the same energy output as Ireland.

WAX allows artists and musicians to sell work online in a carbon-neutral way. Additionally, they can announce their environmental concern and raise awareness of the pressing issues. In addition, NFTs allow artists to maintain their integrity and originality, both of which are difficult in this day and age of digital transactions.

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