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One-of-a-Kind Princess Bride NFT Minted for Public Auction on WAX Digital

Collectors! It’s time to take your NFT sport to the next level – to the pop culture level!.

On various auction chains, you may have seen auctions for one-of-a-kind, super-rare NFTs that have gone for small fortunes; demand for these collectibles has been off the charts.

The NFT Blockchain WAX is entering the fray by offering NFTs from leading manufacturers and artists as well as the opportunity to bid on remarkable one-of-a-kind digital artwork.

An Iconic Masterpiece Heads Up the Bid

On October 14 at 1 pm ET, WAX is launching its very first 1-of-1 public sale. The first NFT will feature an exclusive digital collectible for The Princess Bride that includes a clip from one of the film’s most iconic moments.  

Thrilling Weekly Auctions

Each Thursday, WAX will place a brand new, distinctive NFT up for public sale. With new artworks from popular artists such as Nimoy, Shatner, Robotech, Atari and more, you’ll have access to the most highly anticipated artworks from the most important new creators within the marketplace. At all times you’ll have something to look forward to!

The public sale home does not replace WAX’s major sales occasions, but complements them as an additional neighborhood service. WAX aims to keep NFTs accessible and affordable for all collectors, and has a spectacular lineup of recent releases coming your way, so stay tuned!

How Does it Work?

Each week, a singular and unique NFT shall be put up for public sale.

The beginning bid shall be listed, and from there you will be able to enter your own positions to bids using WAXP.

We’ve put some actual thought into making this expertise as seamless as potential. That’s why you may hold observe of bids all the way down to the very minute and hold tabs on competing bids.

Bidding within each public sale lasts for one week and so will finish on the following Thursday.

If you happen to be the lucky winner, your NFT shall be transferred on to your WAX Cloud Pockets, from where you can bask and delight in all of its glory and show it off to other jealous collectors or friends.

As the weeks progress, you’ll be able to see previous auctions and so observe any developing or subsequent trends from the dynamic Public sale Home dashboard. The key to your success is to be ready for every public sale as there’s bound to be some thrilling bidding wars that you will not want to miss!

WAX are always searching for methods to develop and increase new opportunities to discover new and original artworks.

We’re excited to observe this new journey unfold!

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